Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tortec Transalp Rack Review

Tortec Transalp Rack Review - Intoduction

Having recently upgraded my rear brake to a disk brake I needed to swap out my rack too as the down stays would not go around the disk brake caliper., at least not very well (read my clarks CMD-8 review to see how I bodged a standard rack to fit around the disk brake).

Problem is a bodged rack just isn't very strong, and so I had to swap it after a while, for a disk specific rack like this Tortec Transalp Rack.

Tortec Transalp Rack Review - Quality

The rack seem very good quality for the amount I paid (£20 from SJS cycles) the tubing is thick and ridgids and it is very adjustable, all of the bolts appear to be stainless steel. It comes with basic nuts and bolts for fitting, but no adapters for bikes without bolt holes in the seat stays. My frame does not have these so I had to make up some brackets out of strip steel (builders banding strap).

Once fitted the rack seems tough. This rack fit all of the common wheel sizes meaning that on a 26" mtb there will be a fair bit of head room between the rear tire and the base of the rack.

This could be viewed as bad or good.

Good - panniers are a little higher from the ground keeping them out of spray and thusly a little clener.

Bad - Higher centre of gravity.

Tortec Transalp Rack Review - Fitting

Pretty easy, but you will need bolt holes in frame (braise ons) for the upper part of the rack to fit. My old rack use to attached vi athe hole for the mudguards between the rear seat stays, but this rack will not do that.

One very good feature of this rack is that you can mount nearly any rear light on it, even ones that a designed to fit on tubing:

Tortec Transalp Rack Review - Price

Cheapest half decent disk specifc rack I can find. £20.

Tortec Transalp Rack Review - Stats
  • specifically designed for bikes with disc brakes.
  • Simple and super quick to mount to 26? and 700c bikes.
  • Produced from lightweight 10mm alloy tubing and with additional lower pannier mounting rails means it?s easy to attach a rack pack without interfering with pannier hooks.
  • Max load 25kg.
 Sustainability Consultants

Environmental Consultants Bristol
Tortec Transalp Rack
Reviewed by Kermit Green on Jan 16 2013
Rating: 4.5

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