Friday, 19 April 2013

Bosch 10.8v Lithium Ion GSR Drill Driver ( GSR10.82-LI ) Review

GSR10.82-LI - Overview

The GSR 10.82 looks like a ladies drill, although in fact it is pretty good. It is as good as past bosch drills I have owned in terms of power and stamina, but a lot smaller, which is good if you do fiddly space restricted jobs, like fitting a kitchen etc.

GSR10.82-LI - Power

The GSR10.82-LI will easily screw in a size 12 screw in to a pine timber when used on the higher torque setting, the biggest problem being holding on the the drill, and stopping the bit popping out of the screw head! On the high speed lower torque setting the GSR10.82-LI is fine with standard drill bits in wood and metal, but will struggle with spade bits of 15mm or more, although I have used up to 21mm spade bits on the high torque setting (although I am not sure whether this does the drill any good).

 GSR10.82-LI - Stamina

Whilst putting up some knauf aqua panel, I screwed in around 50 - 60 screws (50mm) on 1 battery, so if constant screwing is your game then you may wish to consider a heavier model. However for less demanding work like fitting kitchens and general use, a battery will last a very long time. They hold their charge well, and charge up quickly. There is a battery indicator that lights up during use, and flashes when its time for a swap.

GSR10.82-LI - Conclusion

A very good every day drill, limited by its lack of a hammer function, but overall very good. This would be ideally paired with a heavier drill, for masonry drilling, larger drill bits and demanding jobs.

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