Friday, 19 April 2013

Bosch GBH2-26DRE Review

Bosch GBH2-26DRE - Overview

the Bosch GBH2-26DRE is a fairly chunky offering from bosch, and is based around a SDS+ chuck. It is of excellent quality, and is well powered for all but the toughest jobs.

Bosch GBH2-26DRE - Power

When using a common sized masonary bit from say 7mm - 10mm the Bosch GBH2-26DRE will literally fly through block work concrete or otherwise. A 7mm hole drilled in to a concrete block to a depth of 70mm will take a 3 seconds. Larger drill bits show no sign of slowing, biggest I have used is a 16mm to drill though a cavity wall, no problems there. Can not comment on anything bigger.

On the hammer only setting the drill is very good for chipping out block works and is OK for concrete, although a bigger drill might be good for frequent concrete bashers.

Bosch GBH2-26DRE - Quality

Very good, nice solid feel.

Bosch GBH2-26DRE - Price

£99 on ebay from  ebay. Travis Perkins £150 or there abouts.

Update 29/09/2016

I have used this with some very large and long drill bits now through concrete, and wood. It is a very good drill.

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