Monday, 27 May 2013

Roca Malta Shower Tray Review

Roca Malta Shower Tray Review - Overview

This shower tray from Roca has about the same foot print as a bath tub, which makes it ideal as a substitute. Unlike most shower trays of this type it has an insert platform, which you stand on whilst having you shower. NOOOOOO - You do not stand on it look at the below picture! - I have installed mine the wrong way around!) We have installed ours with the plug hole / waste drain directly under the shower head, but you may wish to consider putting the tray the other way around as per the picture below. The removable tray is quite uncomfortable to stand on.

Roca Malta Shower Tray Review - Build Quality

The shower tray is ceramic and very very perhaps around 45kg. It is a honey comb structure on the under side to further add to stregth. No worries aboy under ungineering. The platform is some sort of plywood, which has been resin impregnated.

Roca Malta Shower Tray Review - Colour Choices

It come in four colours;

Zebrano -

Wenge -

White and Orange also. The orange is VERY orange.

 Roca Malta Shower Tray Review - Conclusion

The tray is well built and easy to clean, but the insert is quiet uncomforatble to stand on, perhaps we have installed ours the wrong way around . .  I am not sure, but either way there seems little point in having the platform, so perhaps given the choice agin I would not opt for this tray. Of cource you can use it without the insert.

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