Monday, 10 June 2013

Algal Bloom South Devon Coast 2013

Algal Bloom South Devon Coast 2013

The last two weeks I have visted much loved snorkelling locations on the South Devon Coast. Namly Blackpool Sands and Bigbury on Sea / Burgh Island. The water is murky and not as clear as usual.

At both sites there has been severly reduced visability cuased by Algal Blooms, apraently these are harmless, although annoying . Visiability is reduced to around 1 feet in places with a maximum visability of 3 feet.

Comments of 2013 south devon algal bloom from EA officer.

More on the particular type of algae caasing the blooms.

Update 08/07/2013: A return trip to the south devon coast this weekend saw the that the bloom had nearly gone, with visability far better although not as good as it could be.

Conclusion: The bloom in this instance had a lifespan of around 4 weeks.

On the 13th June the EA published this article.

Environmental Consultants Devon

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