Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fix Broken Panniers

Fix Broken Panniers - Intro

I have had the same set of panniers for about 5 years, and so I was a bit upset (boo hoo) the other day when one jumped off and wedged its self between the pannier rack and rear wheel, partially destroying my mudguard, and some of the clips off of the pannier. The damage to the bike was not too bad, but most importantly I was lucky to stay under control of the bike.

So the fix here we are dealing with is the fixing mechanism (bag to bike) rather than sewing a tear or similar.

In this post we are replacing the hooks / clips with a home made alternative.

Fix Broken Panniers - What you need.
  1. A piece of thin ply wood.
  2. Some nuts and bolts.
  3. Some Builders Fixing Strap 
  4. A Drill
  5. A saw
 Fix Broken Panniers - Lets Go

First off cut the plywood to fit in side you pannier, you can just about see it here. This give rigidity to the top portion of the pannier, and gives the bolts something to bolt too. Then decide were you want the clips to go (as close to the originals as possible?). And then drill holes right trough the pannier and the play wood.

Or perhaps the picture below is clearer.

On the other side make some "U" shapes out of the builders fixing strap and then from the inside slide the bolt though the ply wood, bag, bag fixing strap, and then put the nut on and tighten up hard. As you can see I have use some bits of handle bar tape as padding against the rack.

The result.

Good luck. I will answer any question if you have any. Just post in comments below.

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