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Belling Classic 90Ei Induction Review

 Belling Classic 90Ei Induction Review - Intro

Range Cookers are all of a sudden very trendy. They take up loads of room in your kitchen and leave you with hardly any work top. They have 2 or 3 oven (1 or 2 more than you need). . . . BUT they are trendy. So we bought one.

 Belling Classic 90Ei Induction Review - Size

At 90 cm across the  Belling Classic 90Ei is rather large and you might expect it to have more than 4 hobs, but it does not. Why? I don't suppose you need any more than 4 in a domestic setting.

The up stand at the rear of the hot plate can be removed if needed, and this is easily done. For a modern looking cooker I found this up stand with its swirly writing a peculiar addition. But it is away in the skip now so that is dealt with.

 Belling Classic 90Ei Induction Review - Pros

By far the best bit of this  Belling Classic 90Ei is the "power" setting on the front right hand hob, it can boil a pint of water in less than a minute. Control of heat is nearly as good as gas, and far better than ceramic. Example: with a ceramic cooker you would have to move you pan off of the heat to stop a boil over, with  the Belling Classic 90Ei press a button or two and the heat stops, and the pan instantly (nearly) stops boiling.

Induction also offers the plus point that the hob its self does not get very hot (heat is provided to pan via magnetic resonance rather than "heat" per-say), and so . . . you do not get gunk welded to the surface of the hob. we haven't had to scrub ours since we bought it! 3 months plus.

Those of you that have used a combined grill and oven will know that an occasionally used grill will smoke out the whole house when you use it. the  Belling Classic 90Ei has a seprate grill, which means the elements do not get covered in fat from oven cooking, and so you don't get an smoke!

Handles are good for hanging tea towels on.

The tall oven does not have a window to clean.

You have a spare oven if one breaks.

There is space to place roasting tins on the top of the hobs, whilst using other rings.

 Belling Classic 90Ei Induction Review - Cons

Heavy - Hard for one person to move.

Annoying vents at rear that crumbs fall down.

Electronic controls for hob can be a bit fiddly some times.

Large Pizza will not fit in tall oven (will fit in window oven)!

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Belling Classic 90Ei
Reviewed by Kermit Green on July 17 2013
Rating: 3.7

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