Friday, 19 July 2013

How to Move a Piano

How to Move a Piano - Intro

On purchasing a piano on ebay for £16.47 I was well pleased. But then I began to think of going to pick it up. . . . perhaps a 200kg / 400 lb piano, which is 1.5 meters long. Quite a task. A minimum of four men (or female body builders) will be needed to move the piano, and for everyones sake invloved it may be safer to use 6 people to move the piano.

But where do you get all of these people from? OK so if you are moving the piano from a few doors down then you could ask you neighbours, our you school / colledge mates move the piano  if it was 20 minutes away, but what if like me you bought a piano that is around a 2 hour drive from where you live?

How to Move a Piano - Getting Help

So strange town 2 hours drive away, how do you get help.

Option 1 - Employment Agency. An employment agency will hire you some labourers for £8 - £10 an hour, normally for a minimum of 4 hours. Based a minimum of yourself and 3 extra guys this will work out at around £120 for a pick up.

Option 2 - If where you are going is near some pubs / bars why not walk around and offer cash / beer to drinkers in exchange for a lift. Of course the major down side to this is that you have no way of knowing it will work until you reach you destination to move the piano.

Option 3 - Road Workers / Scaffolders - These guys are as hard as nails and also love cash jobs. Moving a piano in to a van for example requires quite a high lift and a friend of mine used 3 normal chaps and 2 road workers to get the job done.

How to Move a Piano - Stuff to Take

Most vans / trailer will easily cope with 200 kg so the main thing to consider in the height and length. An open top trailer will be good that is over 1.6 metrs long.

Planks of wood to make ramps, and rope for tieing the piano down are also a good idea. Also some padding like old coats, carpet or cushions to stop the piano get scratched against the side of the trailer. 

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