Monday, 3 March 2014

Sturmey Archer AW Hub

Sturmey Archer AW Hub - Intro

The STurmey archer AW hub has been around for decades, it is a 177% gear range 3 speed hub with a stainless steel shell.

It is available with a variety of different spoke holes and axle lengths.

Don't do it, you could buy new for 10% extra!

Sturmey Archer AW Hub - Second Hand Purchase

Visiting ebay you will see loads on second hand AW hubs for sale, they were Sturmey archer most popular hub and so they turn up everywhere.

The problem is if you buy second hand the you rarely find that hub comes complete with all of the nessassary bits to make it work, if not you will need:

1 - Left Hand Nut

 2- Locking Washer x 2

 Sturmey Archer Locking Washer - HMW155

 3 - Guide Nut

 Sturmey Archer Guide Nut Standard - HMN129
 4 - Indicator

 Sturmey Archer Indicator (Toggle Chain) - MK1 - HSA125
 5 - Cable Anchor

6 - Cable

7 - Cable Outer

8 - Sprocket

Sturmey Archer Sprocket 16T - 1/8" - HSL716 

 9- Fulcrum Clip (Provides a terminus for cable outer on chain stay)

Sturmey Archer Fulcrum Clip 45/64 Inch - Chain Stay - HSJ548

10 - Shifter

Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Shifter: SLS3N
Wow! Quiet a list, the above will cost you around £35 from a bike shop such as Freemans. So if you add on the £15 you spent on your ebay purchase you are up to £50. Freemans will do an all in brad new hub with fitting kit for £55.

So it is not really worth buying second hand. 

Sturmey Archer AW Hub - Performance

With most derailure systems prodicing at least 250% gear range (1 x 7) or a whopping 700% for a typical (3 x 9) you will be taking a step in to history with this hub, BUT consider the lack of servicing, the hub's record speaks for itself with functional AW hubs still going strong after 30 years! 

Most modern Sturmey archer hubs are grease lubricated, which is a step backwards. High hubs such as rolhoff speed hubs are oil lubricated, as is the case with older sturmey archer AW hubs, one reason perhaps to buy second hand . . . . .

Sturmey Archer AW Hub - Shifter Choice

Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Shifter: SLS3N

plastic or  . . . .

Sturmey Archer DLS30 3 Speed Trigger - HSJ951
fantastic . . . . 

Modern 3 speed shifetrs will work with all but the oldest of hubs.

Threads are common between old and new hubs and are specific to sturmey archer.

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