Monday 2 June 2014

Axa Pico 30 Review

Axa Pico 30 Review - Intro

If like me you like dynamo light, you like cheap dynamo lights with stand lights then you may well have come across the Axa Pico 30 steady. It is a budget front light with features found on much more expensive ones.

Axa Pico 30 Review - Appearance and Features

The Axa Pico 30 looks small in the advertising pictures but in fact is of an average size, with a built in reflector. It has a power of 30 lumens, and as such is OK for unlit road cycling at moderate speeds.

It has a built in sensor to switch over from daylight running lights to the main beam when dark. It has a switch so you can turn it off, and most importantly (in my humble opinion) a stand light (that last for 4 minutes).

The are lesser versions available without standlights.

Axa Pico 30 Review - Performance

At 30 lux this is a moderately powered LED light. I have tried beam pics but I can never get a good picture.

I am powering this light with a Brompton Dynohub, a (DH-703-SB) which is is fine. Any budget shimano hub such as the DH-3N20 would do just fine.

Above 12 kph (jogging speed) you will enjoy a beautifully light road, stretching for 10-12 meters and a little dimmer after that.

Subjectively I would say it is a tad better than a B&M Lyt Senso, and about half as good as a B&M Cyo T which goes to show they have got the lux system figured out pretty well.

Axa Pico - On the bike
PS the above is a home made wheel, see my top tips on wheel building to find out more.

Axa Pico 30 Review - Conclusion

I bought this from rose bikes, it shipped from Germany in 48 hours (to the UK), and it cost £17 so yes fairly pleased. It is as good as a £25 light.


  1. I have a Union 4268 which gives a vary decent light when fitted to my folder with a entry level Shimano Hub Dynamo.
    I Got my union light from Dutch Bike Bits, but they no longer stock it - is that a bad sign!
    The Axa Pico 30 light you reviewed seems to be a most excellent alternative!
    the only question is whether to get a fancier light that has a USB socket on it for recharging devices from the dynamo in the daytime.

  2. What's the top of the beam shape like?
    My Union light gives a "wine glass" shaped beam, with a very clear cut off at the top of the beam.
    Is the Axa light similar, or is it an "oval" shaped beam?

  3. I have seen that union one on my browsings, there is an ebay shop called "taylor wheels uk" that stock it, looks good. The afore mentioned ebay shop also sell very cheap dynohub wheels around £30 + postage.

    I haven't ridden this Axa Pico in the dark yet, as I don't tend to stay up late enough, but I will get back to you on the beam. If you are after cheap lights then "rose bikes" are a good start too. You can a non stand light version of the Axa Pico for £11!


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