Monday, 2 June 2014

Bush + Muller Toplight Flat Plus Review

Bush + Muller Toplight Flat Plus Review - Intro

Rose bikes are selling these at knock down price at the moment, and have just sorted out a hub dynamo for my 16" folding bike, I was please to be able to choose a Bush + Muller offering at this price. They never disappoint.

Bush + Muller Toplight Flat Plus Review - Size and Fitting

Its a bit bigger than a Busch and Muller Toplight Plus andway smaller than a Axa / Basta Ray Steady so size wise it absolutely fine, it was a snug fit on the rear rack of my folding bike, and I had to make my own mounts.

The light comes with adaptors so it will fit 50mm and 80mm spacings.

The little clippy things that hold the wires in places could be better designed.

Bush + Muller Toplight Flat Plus Review - Performance

When compared to the Busch and Muller Toplight Plus this one only has one light source (plus has 2) but that being siad it chcuks out a lot of light illuminating the area to the rear of the bike, even when not fully dark.

Bush + Muller Toplight Flat Plus Review - Verdict

If you can get one for under mmmmmm £10 then go for it, if you are paying full price then provided you are not too vane perhaps consider offerings from union or axa, as they are better value.

If however you were prepared to pay full price you would receive a light that looks as though it would last a life time, it is very very very well built. Super tough.

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  1. excellent review - Her Indoors has a battery Basta light mounted on the carrier - but then it is really only an emergency back-up as she VERY rarely ever cycles at night. Looks smart, though, and at a quick galmce, her Basta light just looks like a large rear reflector, so is less likely to be tampered with.

  2. I like the basta (ray steady?) it looks cheap but its well designed aiming I think more for visibility, than aesthetics. Which is the only way to go?

  3. Seems like a good option, if price isnt a concern though, I would probably use one of Trelock's brake light tail lights with a dynamo instead, and if price is a concern, then I agree, axa is the way to go.

  4. I think the the b&M toplight "plus" takes some beating for high end. It has 2 light sources, and the the best model even acts like a breal light brightening when you slow down! Cheaper than your Treclock too.