Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Schwalbe Jumpin Jack Review

Schwalbe Jumpin Jack Review

These are a very knobbly offering from Schwalbe that come in a 2.1 or 2.25 size. Both 20".

These are pictures of the 2,25" size and they are evidently sweet.

Big Knobbles . .

. . . more Big Knobbles
These tires have a funny little raised bit that sits against the rim, this might be there to help prevent pinch flats / snakebites but not sure. This means fitting the tires are a bit more tricky especially on "taller" rims. These are on gusseet rims, and they were a tight-ish fit. i.e. I needed levers.

Unlike Dirty Harrys (another tire by Schwalbe) these tire do not have a puncture protection belt. I am running them with tire liners.

Cheap if bought from Germany <£10.  Try Bike Parts De

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