Friday 30 September 2016

Cycling in a Vacoped Boot

Cycling in a VacOped Boot - Intro

This relates to an Achilles Tendon Rupture.

Marooned. Stuck for 2 weeks without any form of transport. And then you are fitted with your VacOped Boot. Dimensions for VacoPed Boot. If it is your right foot then you will still not be able to legally drive. . .BUT. . . you can cycle.

On fitting you boot you might ask you Physiotherapist what you can and cannot do. But my physiotherapist told me "no one has had their achilles re-rupture whilst wearing a vacoped boot".

Green light! Although there are a few physical constraints / problems to overcome. . . .

Cycling in a VacOped Boot - Caution

Obviously I am fairly stupid to be doing this. So do not copy me.

If you have been in plaster for a few weeks, prior to being fitted with a boot, then your legs muscles have probably wasted, and cycling even a short distance can cause cramps and pains in the affected leg. Wait 3, 4 5 days before you try to cycle, so you muscles get used to walking around a bit first.

Cycling in a VacOped Boot - Pedals

Toe Clips and Clipless pedals are not going to be possible. As the boot is huge. But if you get hold of some wide pedals, then you will be able to cycle fairly well. I am not talking about competition level, but you can get about.

Even a Wide Pedal is Narrow Compared with The VacoPed Boot Sole

The 15 - 30 degree wedge sole that comes with the vacoped boot is a bit awkward to cycle in as it has a  channel running up the middle, but if you buy the rain cover, this bridges that gap and provides a little bit of support.

Buy some pedals that are wide, with spiky grippy bits on. These dig in to the sole of boot, and stop in slipping off. The boot will not fully fit on the pedal so it is important that the pedal is grippy.

When you migrate to you flat sole, I guess cycling will become even easier.

Cycling in a VacOped Boot - The Bike

All my bikes are sensible upright affairs but if you have a very sporty bike with low handle bars this may make things a bit uncomfy. The leg with the VacoPed boot on it will be longer than usual, and so it comes up closer to your chest than usual. It you have low handle bars will this cause problems. . . I don't know, but something to consider. 

If you live in a hilly area, you may wish to lower your gearing. I have found that a 32 tooth ring up front with a 34 tooth ring at the back will get me up most of hills around where I live even with a wasted right leg. Normal mountain bike gearing should be fine. 

Cycling in a VacOped Boot - Conclusion

It sucks sitting around waiting for your leg to fix, particularly if you enjoy the outdoors. I can't walk very far, but on my bike I can do a few miles and it keeps me sane. 


  1. so - update time (unless i missed it!)
    are you fully fighting fit again by now?

    1. PP hows it going. Yes all well and good thanks, in fact got back to running time of pre-injury day before yesterday.

      Hows the shoulder?

  2. I re ruptured my Achilles wearing a vacoped boot! Found this page while searching for a rain cover for the boot as I recover from the second surgery


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