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Tandems and Cargo Bikes on Car Bike Racks - UK

Tandems and Cargo Bikes on Car Bike Racks - UK

Can you put a long bicycle such as a tandem or cargo bike on the rear of the car in the UK?

Well apart from lots of sites telling your to get a light board, you will find scant information of wide loads that stick out of the side of the car / van etc.

Plenty of sources advise on lawful requirement of light boards.

But what about the width? Is this (below) OK?

This is just about OK although handle bars should be turned in line with wheels. 
Yes. Just.

Over 305mm projection on either side of the vehicle requires:

• Two clear working days notice to Police (C&U schedule 12, para 4)
• Marker boards front and rear (C&U Schedule 12, para 3)
• Additional lights required during hours of darkness or poor visibility.

The lateral projection (sideways sticky out-ness) is measured from the widest part of the vehicle proper and does not include the mirrors.

So the wider the car you have the wider the bike you can put on the back. The above rule change again once you reach an overall width of 2.9m.

Marker boards and an email to the police will be required if you want to go over this 305mm protrusion on either side. This is not such a big hassle.


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