Monday, 25 June 2018

People's Votes March June 2018 - Pictures

People's Votes March June 2018 - Pictures

This a q quick post to share some images collected on the day. At around 1pm the march started to move off down Pall Mall. the end point of the march was Parliament Square.

Pall Mall was packed as far as the eye could see. Many were standing on railing or telephone boxes so as to get a better view of scene. 

A helicopter hovered above, whether this was a police helicopter or a TV chopper, I am not sure, but it followed the march over head for most of time we were there. 

I joined the march in Waterloo Place, in St Jame's. There was quiet a gathering here, waiting to join the march as it moved along Pall Mall. I walked up the steps from the Mall to get to Waterloo Place. 

Renew are a new-ish political party, which appose the government's current stance on Brexit. They had some well made banners etc. and were giving out free stickers. 

Many people on the march hand made placards which had some great slogans and quips. Some of the best are included here. 

At Churchill's Monument in parliment square, people held up a speech bubble for photo ops. which was quite effective. 

One man sat filming the march atop a telephone box. 

As we approached Parliament Square there was loud cheering and people clustered around the stage to hear the sepakers. 

This is very similar to the photo above, not sure why I left it in. 

As protesters passed Number 10 Downing Street people started to "boo" at one point close to 400 people were clustered around the gates of 10 downing street booing loudly. 


  1. there are forces well beyond the "will of the people" (either way!) driving brexit ... it will be what it will be. Latest i hear is that John Cleese (a brexiter) doesn't want to live in the mess he created anymore, and is off to a sunny caribbean island (dodging tax in the process).
    The rats are starting to leave the sinking ship.
    On the plus side, the whole sorry mess is keeping interest rates low, so at least my mortagage is very affordable, even though the economy could best be neutrally described as "indifferent". As long as i keep my job (and income level), I can ride it out, But I am better educated, better paid, and older (therefore lower mortgage) that a typical person. Most folks have it rougher than me now, and will continue to have it rougher in the future. The fact that i can "raid" my pension fund is less than 18 months gives me choices just not abailable to most folks.
    I really see the whole brexit thing as the "Suez" of our generation. The history books reflect how i feel about both.

  2. I did feel it was a pointless exercise going to the march, I knew it wouldn't do any good, but it was a validation sort of thing.

    It is a sorry mess. I wrote to my MP Neil Parish about his thoughts, I know he spent many happy years as an MEP in Bruseels. . .and his reply was almost mocking TBH. Towing the party line all the way to the cliff edge.