Wednesday, 12 September 2018

TL-MR6400 Firmware Update - For Bandwidth Monitoring / QoS

TL-MR6400 Firmware Update - For Bandwidth Monitoring / QoS
Below is a chat string, in which I discovered that apparently you can update firmware to get bandwidth control. Note Sept 2019 : This was to "share out "the narrow bandwidth from 3G only data plan, you can now get unlimited 4G data plans with Vodafone, so I have swapped to that and no longer need to "share" bandwidth amongst devices. 
Jonil.A5:10 pmGood day to you! We will be glad to help you out with your inquiry.
KermitHi I have a TL-MR6400 and would like to throttle bandwidth in 3G/4G mode please. How do I do this. I have have version 2 firmware, which supports this in wirless only mode, does version 3 support in 3g 4g mode?
Please let me check
for this model, once that you are using a sim card on it, it will automatically switch from 3G to 4G, it depend on the signal that the router is getting from the cellular Provider
KermitNo you misunderstand. I wish to throttle bandwidth. Reduce bandwidth. I have a 50GB 4G data plan, and it is used up too fast.
Jonil.AI see
so what you mean is the bandwidth control
KermitCorrect :-)
Jonil.AOne moment
on this router you can allow specific data allowance per month
KermitI have seen that. But I would like to limit bandwidth, I thin this is also called QoS on some products. Can I create a "rule" to do that if so how please.
Jonil.Afor this is doesn't have option for it
WillWhat about version 3 of the firmware?
Jonil.Ayou can't update to the hardware version
the only thing that upgradable is the firmware
KermitYes. I have version 2. If I used Version 3 does this have QoS or Bandwidth Control?
Jonil.Alet me check
Yes the Version 3 has Bandwidth Control
KermitIs this for "4G" mode or "Wireless Router" mode?
I have read this page already.
Jonil.ABoth mode jas it
KermitI have a UK model TL-MR6400, can you send me a link for the correct firm ware please.
Jonil.Aone moment
Would there be anything else I can assist you today?
KermitThis link is for version 2 firmware. Can I install version 3?
Jonil.AThat is correct for V 2, no your router might got brick if you use the firmware from version 3
KermitFirmware Version:
1.0.12 Build 170627 Rel.66669n
Hardware Version:
MR6400 v2 00000000
Jonil.Athis it the latest version for you router
TL- MR6400(EU)_V2_180508
KermitOK Thank You Jonil.A. Have a nice day. I require no more help.
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