Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Top 5 Garden Shredders

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Intro

I havn't actually used any of the below, but I have assembled this list based on internet reviews, and intended to purchase the one I think is best. We have quiet a large garden so I need one that will last, and is lower end industrial grade, although upper end domestic may suffice.

I typically buy branded stuff.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Hyundai HYCH7070E - £800

Catchy name. Thsi shredder is a petrol powered offering from well know manufacturer Hyundai, it has a 7hp engine and looks like it can kick bottom.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - The Handy PDS65 - £700

Another petrol beast. This employs a flail to mash feed material. I have used flails shredder before the have a tendency to get clogged because they cut in line with the grain of the wood producing long fibers which wrap around the cutting drum.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - BOSCH AXT 25TC - £400

This shredder gets good reviews and is also quiet. Bosch normally make pretty good stuff, so you could take reassurance from that.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Makita UD2500 - £300

Perhaps similar quality to the Bosch, but less payout for name.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Titan TTB353SHR - £80

A very cheap offering that get very good reviews.

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