Friday, 15 February 2019

Impac TrailPac MTB Tyre Review

Impac TrailPac MTB Tyre Review - Intro

I have recently built an MTB to use for off road stuff. I needed some tyres, cheap tyres, because I will not ride this bike much. Two of these Impac TrailPac tyres cost £15 posted on EBay so where certainly cheap!

Impac is a value offering from Schwalbe and I love Schwalbe tyres. So I gave these a whirl. I have just come back from my first ride and I can safely say they are a good buy. I did 15 miles of windy gravelly single track, and it was all good fun.

On the Bike
Update 21/05/2019: I actually just accidentally cycled my longest distance ever on these tires! I did 38 miles of cycle track. So these tires are perfectly good, and can be bought for £14 a PAIR.

Update 24/06/2019: Returned from 2 day stint along South Downs Way on these tires  and they held up very well. I inspected them thoroughly on my return and there were no cuts of gashes in the rubber, I did not get any punctures. These Impac Trailpac Tires were always intended to be a temporary set of tires, but they are so good, I havn't bothered to change them.

Out and About

Impac TrailPac MTB Tyre Review - Tread

The tread pattern is widely spaced and blocky, small blocks I would say. the Knobs are rigid. The mould quality is high.

Tread Pattern

These come in 2.1" and 2.25" widths, I went for the slightly wider type. The difference is very small between the two and will likely not make too much difference.

Impac TrailPac MTB Tyre Review -Finish 

The finish is excellent for the price, and the tire looks and feels like a tyre worth twice the price. I think the main cost saving over schwlabe tyres is that this tire does not have puncture protection layers.
2.25" clearance is tight

The name of the tyre, is printed in simple white print on the side, which is unnecessary but looks quite cool.

Note: The 2.25" variant just about fits in my Suntour Cr8 Forks, these are stated as having a max tire width of 54mm. So the width in this case mounted in 25mm rims is quite accurate. 

Finishing Touches

 I have since rebuilt this bike, but have kept the tires becuase they are so good. 

On South Downs Way

New Build - Same Tires!


Impac TrailPac MTB Tyre Review - Specs

  • MTB Tread 
  • Trailpac
  • 26 x 2.25" (57-559) or 26 x 2.10" (54-559)
  • Available in black
  • Weight: 2.25" - 860g, 2.10" - 820g
  • 24EPI

Impac TrailPac MTB Tyre Review - Conclusions

This is the first MTB tire with knobbles on it I have ridden on in 10 years. It seems like a high quality tire, and I would recommend it for any looking to buy a name brand quality tire. It felt very grippy around the trails I visited today, and I am not looking to upgrade.

A few months worth of riding have proven it to be tough, and reliable. 

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