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POP, SMTP & IMAP - Repeat "Wrong Password" with Gmail - 78754 Error

POP, SMTP & IMAP - Repeat "Wrong Password" with Gmail - 78754 Error

Some notes on my trying to fix the outlook (also tried with Thunderbird) password box that pops up repeatedly even when you have entered the correct password.

The first thing to point out is if you have been using the same settings for weeks and months and this suddenly happens then maybe it is the google email server where the problem lies . . .in my case I tried all of the below and none of it worked, and then about 24 hours after the problem started, all my mail came through 100% no problems, and . .  the problem went away "on its own"

But  if it does not then perhaps try the below:

1 - Check Your Password

Briefly log in to you web mail, with what you assume to be the right password. Just to check that you have the right one.

2 - Restart Outlook

Easiest Option for potential fix. Before you start any in depth tinkering.

3 - Restart You Computer

The old ones are the best ones! Try the easiest things first.

4 -Run Scan PST 

If you have been using outlook for ages trouble free and suddenly the password pop up keeps bugging ou then the outlook data file may have become corrupted. This process takes a while but does not inclove changing settinsg that you may regret later.

If you look in C Drive > Program Files > Microsoft Office > Office 14

You will find SCANPST.EXE, open this select you OST file that is causing the problem. 

Find you OST file in My Documents > Outlook Files

5 - Wait for 24 Hours

This could be problem, or glitch with your mail server, before you start changing settings deleting files etc. wait to see if the problem fixes itself. You can always log in to you webmail in the meantime.

6 - Outlook 2013 & 2016

If you have Outlook 2016 or 2014 then download this Microsoft Diagnostic Package, and see if it helps. It will try to discover what is going on and also try to sell you Office 360!

7 - Credentials, OST Files & Cached Passwords

There is a excellent set of checks on this site, which may provide a result. These really delve in the bowels of you OS and Outlook, so save these for last. You know here there be dragons etc. 

8 - Profiles

Open the Start menu, scroll down to "Windows System", click and select "Control Panel".  From the Control Panel, click the "Mail" app (if you have "Category View" selected, the app is under "User Accounts"), click "Show Profiles", click the "Always use this profile" radio button, pick the Profile you want to use all the time from the drop down menu, click "Apply" then "OK".  

9 - Allow "Less Secure Apps" in Google Setting

You mayneed to adjust Gmail's "Less secure apps" settings:
Allowing less secure apps to access your account

10 - Unlock Account

One thing I have spotted is , this allows you to 'unlock' your account if for some security reason (like too many connection failures(?) ot is looked from App Access.

11 - IMAP or POP must also be enabled in Gmail settings

If this is you first time trying to use POP or IMAP, IMAP or POP must also be enabled in Gmail settings.

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