Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Shimano Hub Dynamo DH3D32 Review

Shimano Hub Dynamo DH3D32 Review

This Shimano Hub Dynamo DH3D32 is the cheapest hub dynamo I could find that is suitable for disc brakes.  It is you typical Shimano offering i.e. perfect.  This is a 6 bolt version but thereis also a centre lock version.

The  DH3D32 has the standard Shimano connector which is easy to install, although the stripped wires need to be just the right length.

The DH3D32 dynamo will illuminate the front light at a fast walking pace. It is advisable to buy a light with a stand light, this not only stays on whilst you are stopped, but smooths the flicker which nearly all dynohub create when using a lamp without a standlight.

If you a currently using rim breaks why not buy this anyway, it will have a higher resale value, and allow for easy future upgrades.

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