Monday, 3 June 2019

Shimano SM-RT30 Center-Lock Disc Rotor Review

Shimano SM-RT30 Center-Lock Disc Rotor Review

I doubt many would bother to review such a humble piece of equipment as the SM-RT30 Center-Lock Disc Rotor , and I can hardly be bothered but here we are any way!

The SM-RT30 Center-Lock Disc Rotor is a disc rotor aimed at low end touring or beginners use, but inline with current engineering standards is over engineered to the point where it could be used by just about anyone for any purpose.

I have another low end shimano disc rotor I have been using for 4 years and it has been very good.

These discs I think are made by pressing or punching them from a sheet of steel alloy, as such these have a slightly rounded edge. If you buy a more expensive disc rotor they will have a machined surface. For the type of riding I do I notice no difference what so ever.

These discs are centre lock which means you will need to use the tool that you use to fit your cassette in order to screw in the locking ring, as illustrated below. The exception is when fitting these on to a hub with a nutted axle (Alfine for example) rather then a quick release axle, as most of these tools have a guide spindle that will get in the way when attaching to a nutted axle.

In conclusion I am happy (again) with my purchase and all is well. I would recommend these to anybody from old ladies to downhill racers.

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