Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shimano Acrea V Brake Review

Shimano Acrea V Brake - Overview

If you need a brake that stops your bike when you want it to, and doesn't cost £3000 then this might be the one for you, I was running some old LX brakes that wouldn't fit on my new wide rims, and so I was forced in changing them. The shimano acera brakes don't feel like a down grade, they are very well made, and feel very rigid under braking, as good in fact as my old LX gear.

Shimano Acrea V Brake - Stopping Power
No numbers here, but they are good as you will ever need, garenteed to lock up front wheel or put you over handle bars if apllied full force, even with crappy brake pads.

Shimano Acrea V Brake - Price
I purchased these from ebay from "wooly hat shop" you I have used before and will gain, quick delevery and the cost £8.50 with postage. Very cheap.

Shimano Acrea V Brake - Quality
As with most from shimano, it is well made. Compared to by budget v brake on the back from tektro, it feel very good, but that might be due to cabeliing issues I may have with my rear brake.

Shimano Acrea V Brake - Conclusion
An XTR, XT, SLX, LX v brake setup may stop you 0.5% quicker, or be 0.5% lighter. But they are 500% more expensive, don't get sucked in this is all you need.

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