Friday, 9 March 2012

Sun RhynoLite XL - Review

Sun RhynoLite XL - Overview

The Sun RhynoLite XL is a fairly heavey duty low budget rim that is good for heavey load carrying and smashing about, jumps etc.

Sun RhynoLite XL - Specs
Perfect for wider tyres, loaded touring, downhilling use etc. Welded and machined out of 6000 series alloy, triple-hollow construction with single nickel-plated brass eyelets, made in the USA.

Manufacturer Details:
- ETRTO compatability size: 559 x 29.2
- TCB (Total Braking Control) combines a welded rim seam with a precision machined brake surface
- Overall width 29.2mm
- Inner well width 23.3mm.
- Weight 550g

Sun RhynoLite XL - Observations
I paired this rim to a aged shimano LX hub, the previous rim was a Mavic 222 which had lasted me around 10 years. However a heavey duty Mavic is around twice the price of this sun ryhnolie XL, so I went for this one, the spokes were just about long enough, although whether I die in a ball of flames or not remains to be seen.

It is a wide rim at around 32mm external diamter, and so may noy go well with skinny slicks, but will take a 1.5" continental sport contact.

Sun RhynoLite XL - Cost
£20 from SJS in bridgwater, somerset, post was quick well done. So pretty cheap as an alternative I was looking at mavic ex 721, but at £45 and being a very amature wheel builder, I got a bit worried about the outlay.

Sun RhynoLite XL - Conculsions

A great low price rim for heavey duty use.

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