Friday, 9 March 2012

Guide to Setting Up Dual Monitors in Ubuntu

Guide to Setting Up Dual Monitors in Ubuntu - Getting Started

In this quick lesson we will learn how to set up 2 monitors in Ubuntu, using the X server, and adding an extra panel on the 2nd monitor so as to make it more usable.

First you need to check that your drivers are OK for your graphics card. There will be a little circuit board icon in the top right of the screen.

X Server

If you go to the system menu and then pick x server from the list you will see the below screen.

Select " X sever display configuration" for the left hand menu. you will then see the screen below.

Click on the monitor that is disable, (not shown below) and then click the "configure" button.

you will then be confronted with the following options:

Separate X Screen or Twin View?

I use the setting shown above where each screen is treated as a separate monitor, the "twinview" setting treat both monitors as one, which is not ideal in my view as maximizing a window will spread it rite across both screens rather than just the monitor it is on at present.

Once you have chosen between the two, press ok then, "save to X configuration file".

I had to restart my PC before all this worked, but if you know of a way to restart the X server on its own ? I am a bit new to all of this.

Improving Workability with twin monitors

In windows I use ultramon to arranged my workspaces, in Ubuntu you can just create a panel for you new monitor workspace that will act like a windows task bar.

right click on panel (black line at bottom of desktop), then select new panel, then hold down shift and drag the new panel on to the screen where you want it.

Now right click on the new panel and select "add to panel", then scroll way down the bottom of this list and choose "window list" click add.

All done. Enjoy.

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