Monday, 11 March 2019

Humpert Ergotec Handlebar Safety Levels

Humpert Ergotec Handlebar Safety Levels

This is not so much a review of the handle bar, after all this £5 offering from humpert is a piece of steel tube, and there is very little to say about it. The finish was OK, and it was not bent or anything.

However, the packing left me wondering what I could actually use this handle bar for, as it indcated that my handle bar for "Safety level 3" . . . what does that mean? Well don't google "humpert" google for "ergotec" as that is a brand apparently.

So the packaging arrived labelled Ergotec, safety level 3 in prominent location.  Which means apparently I cannot use this bar for trekking if I weigh more than 120kg. And I cannot use it on a mountain bike. So which Humpert bars can I use on a mountain bike? This is conspires is hard to fin out. 

 If you visit the ergotec website you can sort handlebars available, by there safety level. However to then find the appropriate handle bar for sale, is tricky as most of the handlebars has generic names such as "flat bar".

Things then start to get ugly as we realise that  this flat bar is available is 3 different material choices each with a different safety level.

 So in summary the only way you can find a humpert / ergotec bar of the appropriate safety level is to go on the ergotec website and cross reference you purchase with the past number.

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  1. i would "+1", but that apparently went along with G+.
    good piece all the same.
    In my case, the only way I get up to 120 kg is to include the weight of the bike ;-)
    Pretty sure my "pre-crash" handlebars were Humpert - although there is no suggestion that they caused the crash!

  2. Hello Matey. Yes no more +1! I have so much for free time now I am not faffing around on G+. It was a blessing in disguise.

    Re. handlebars I also bought a pair a suspension forks recent for a mountain bike, what is written on side of forks : "do not use off-road" . . . this safatey thing is just bottom covering I think.