Monday, 11 March 2019

Suntour Forks Maximum Tire Width (Size)

Suntour Forks Maximum Tire Width (Size)

I have taken the below table for the Suntour "General Suspension Fork Manual". If there is one thing for sure, virtually every different model of Suntour Suspension forks has a unique maximum tire width. It is quite exhausting.

In summary you can see that for most lower range forks the maximum sizes are 54mm (2.15") for most 26" and 27.5" suspension forks, and 50mm (2.0") for most 700c Suntour Suspension forks.

I have one pair of Suntour forks (CR8 26") I have fitted 2.25" (57mm) tires and they are very snug. This is slightly over the 2.15" (54mm) suggested. So you could perhap add 3mm width above the suggested maximum widths above, but TBH that is within margin of error for most tire widths as advertised.

The table is rather large so I have had to chop it in to chunks. Soz.

The table shows forks models, stanchion size, suggested tire size, maximum tire width and maximum tire outer diameter. 

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