Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY Bike Mudflaps

DIY Bike Mudflaps - Intro

For some reason most front mudguards / fenders on bikes are not long enough. Why? Goodness knows but there we are. But with basic tools / office equipment you can easily add a DIY Mudflap to you front mudguard / fender.

Mudflap 1 - An oblong of milk carton secured with pop rivets.

DIY Bike Mudflaps - Fastening


The world is you oyster here. I have used:
  1. Small Nuts and Bolts and Washers
  2. A heavy duty stapler.
  3. A "pop" rivet gun.
  4. Super Glue (for inner tube-see below)
If using a pop rivet gun, you will need a a drill bit to match your rivet size and . . .a drill! Similalry with the nuts and bolts. A heavey duty stapler is only any good for extending a mudflap.

DIY Bike Mudflaps - What Material


Here you want to search the home or office for something that is ideally a bit floppy, maybe rubbery but strong enough to hold the fastenings. I have used:

  1. Lid of Ice Cream Tube (HDPE)
  2. Side of Milk Container (HDPE)
HDPE seems to be an ideal material it is strong and tear resistant but flexible.

Since fitting I have identified other materials which I think might be good.

  1. Toothpaste Tube
  2. Welly Boot
  3. Inner Tube (Idea from Byron)

DIY Bike Mudflaps - Make and Fit


So this is pretty easy, cut out a mudflap shape with scissors, think elongated playing card. And attach to the inside of the mudguard / fender using you preferred method. Attaching to the inside stops the mudflap bending up as much. Extend the mudflap so it clears the ground by 4 -5 inches, or bit longer or shorter as desired.

Mudflap 2 - A stapled on piece of ice cream tub lid to extend a bike mudflap.
Let me know how you are enjoying your dry feet!

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