Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to Make Cheese with Vinegar

How to Make Cheese with Vinegar - Intro

We had 12 pints of milk in the fridge which was on it sell buy date. So I decided to make some cheese to avoid wasting it. Most people have a bottle of vinegar in the house, so I used the vinegar method, vinegar is acidic and when added to the boiled milk makes the milk separate in to the curds and whey required in the cheese making process.

How to Make Cheese with Vinegar - What do I need?

  1. Milk
  2. Vinegar - Types from bad to worse. Spirit, White Wine, Red Wine, Malt (less flavour the better)
  3. Sieve
  4. Salt
  5. Tea Towel, Square of Cotton, or Muslin

 How to Make Cheese with Vinegar - Process

1 - Put Milk in a Sauce Pan

2 - Bring to Boil
3 - Measure out vinegar. 1 Egg Cup for 4 pints of milk.

4 - As soon as milk starts to boil chuck in vinegar and stir.
 5 - Pour Seprate Milk in to sieve, jiggle sieve around and mash curds with spatula.
 6 - Squash Curds with flat side of spatula, try and remove as much whey (juice) as possible. When done add salt to taste (2 pinches) and mix.
 7 - Place curds in to chosen cloth, or perhaps a pot. Form in to shape. Put in fridge.
Bingo. It is amazing how much milk it takes to make a tiny cheese.

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  1. interesting idea
    if it takes so much milk, though, it is going to be not very cheap to make ...
    only really worth it with expiring milk or organic milk, methinks ...

    1. I have always wondered why the carbon footprint of cheese is so high, it is comparable to most meats and has a higher carbon foot print than chicken and pork. Now I know why, four pints for tennis balls worth!