Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY Bike Mudflaps

DIY Bike Mudflaps - Intro

For some reason most front mudguards / fenders on bikes are not long enough. Why? Goodness knows; but there we are. But with basic tools / office equipment you can easily add a DIY Mudflap to you front mudguard / fender. If you would like to make a pair of DIY MTB mudguards which are better than the crumby one you buy in the shops, check out his post.

You might think that an ugly addition to you fenders / mudguards will look disgusting.  But consider all the time and money it will save you washing you bike, particularly the drivetrain. Most sand, grit & mud whizzing off a front tire with a normal length mudguard will go all over you bike chain, creating a delicious grinding paste. I would rather spend time riding my bike than cleaning it. So for me it is worth the extra ugliness.

Mudflap 1 - An oblong of milk carton secured with pop rivets.
Update 2019: I have been trying different materials over the last few years . . .the best materials by far is old inner tube. Use two layers of inner tube and "fray" the tubes so they hang down in strips. This design is supper flexible, air can pass through it (wind resistance) and make no noise when gravel is bashing in to it. 

Mud Flap 2 - The Shredded Inner Tube Method

 DIY Bike Mudflaps - Fastening


The world is you oyster here. I have used:
  1. Small Nuts and Bolts and Washers
  2. A heavy duty stapler.
  3. A "pop" rivet gun.
  4. Super Glue (for inner tube-see below)
If using a pop rivet gun, you will need a a drill bit to match your rivet size and . . .a drill! Similarly with the nuts and bolts. A Heavey duty stapler is only any good for extending a mudflap.

DIY Bike Mudflaps - What Material


Here you want to search the home or office for something that is ideally a bit floppy, maybe rubbery but strong enough to hold the fastenings. I have used:

  1. Lid of Ice Cream Tube (HDPE)
  2. Side of Milk Container (HDPE)
HDPE seems to be an ideal material it is strong and tear resistant but flexible.

Since fitting I have identified other materials which I think might be good.

  1. Toothpaste Tube
  2. Welly Boot
  3. Inner Tube (Idea from Byron)

DIY Bike Mudflaps - Make and Fit


So this is pretty easy, cut out a mudflap shape with scissors, think elongated playing card. And attach to the inside of the mudguard / fender using you preferred method. Attaching to the inside stops the mudflap bending up as much. Extend the mudflap so it clears the ground by 4 -5 inches, or bit longer or shorter as desired.

Mudflap 3 - A stapled on piece of ice cream tub lid to extend a bike mudflap.
Let me know how you are enjoying your dry feet!

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